Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book the party?
To get the date and time you want, it is advisable to book 2-3 months in advance.  We may still have some space available 3-4 weeks in advance, but the prime times will be taken.  During peak times (late September to early June) we are often fully booked.

How do I book a party?
Parties are reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Deposit may be paid by etransfer. A valud credit card will be required to remain on fail for incidentals. We do not accept cheques.

What if we have to cancel?
All party deposits are non-refundable. Sorry

Can we bring our own food and drink?
Yes you can.  But please remember that it MUST be peanut or nut product free.
We currently do not offer in house catering.

Can I buy extra time?
Extra time may be purchased on request at time of booking at a cost of $75.00 per 1/2 hour (30 minutes). Extra time is only possible based on availability.

Can I wear shoes in the playgrounds?
No shoes are allowed. Only socks or slippers are allowed in the playgrounds.

Can I bring my child in for drop-in play?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer drop-in play.  If you are interested in learning more about our various programs, check out the other pages on this site, give us a call, or go to our facebook page and get a vivid look into our highly regarded programs.

Do I have to share the playground with another party?
No, your party will have exclusive use of the room and playground booked.

How much time do I have to set up?
You are welcome to come 10-15 minutes prior to your party to set up. No other guests will be allowed in prior to the party time.

How much time do I have to leave?
To ensure that all parties run on time, we request that you start tidying up 15 minutes before the end of your party time.  All parties that run over are charged accordingly. (Please see front desk)

Do you sell any other party items?
As we resume our party service, we do plan on selling items such as balloons and decorations.
Please inquire for details.

Can I bring a piñata or use table confetti for my party?
No, piñatas and table confetti are not allowed.

Can I bring alcohol?
No alcohol is allowed.

Do I have use of a stove?
No. Any food you bring in must be warmed/ready to go.

Do you have a refrigerator/freezer I can use for my cake?
Yes. Please be aware we will only store cakes.  We cannot guarantee space for other food or drinks.

Is there a maximum number of children?
Please note the room rental include up to 20 children.

What time should we serve our cake?
Depending on the size of your party we recommend approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour before the end of the party.

Are we wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we are.

Can I have an animal show?
No, we do not allow most animals in the facility. We do, however, permit certain reptile shows with proper instructors. (i.e. Reptilia)

Can I use sparklers as candles?
No, we don’t allow sparklers.

Have additional questions? Be sure to call 905.417.3962 or email Dreams Discovery Centre at

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