How To Reserve

If you are interested in reserving one of our rooms for your next party, you can choose one of three options.  Please note that in order to finalize a reservation we will require a non-refundable deposit:

  • $100 for a party that is less than 3 hours,
  • $200 for a party that is 3 hours or more,
  • A larger deposit may be required when reserving multiple rooms.
  • Payment method to be kept on file until after party
Option 1:

Come by and reserve in person. If you have never had a chance to see our rooms, It is highly recommended that you visit us in person. No appointment required, however we no longer offer tours on weekends.  We can get extremely busy and we are often unable to pull ourselves away from providing service to parties.  We encourage anyone considering booking a party with us to review the information offered on our website and explore our facility through our 360 degree tour.

Option 2:

Give us a call and reserve by phone.  Many of our parents know our place and simply need to check for availability and make a reservation.

Option 3:

For busy parents who prefer to communicate with us electronically, filling out the form below is a good option to check for availability and initiate the reservation process.

Book Your Party

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For any questions about our party rooms and our booking, please call (905.417.3962)