Our Approach

We have always made it a point to grow our business at a comfortable pace. There was never a need to spend significantly on advertisement. Dealing with influxes of business is always a challenge and in the case of children’s services, usually comes at the expense of quality. Slow methodical growth is one of the key reasons for Dreams Discovery Centre’s success.

Consider an evergreen tree: the Eastern White Pine for example. It’s the tree with long needle leaves bundled in 2s. It once covered a massive area of eastern North America, and its relatives stretched to the Pacific Ocean. White Pine can grow in a wide range of conditions and dominates the forests it grows in.

The pine tree takes a slow and steady approach to growth. It develops strong roots and grows during the summer and winter. It’s efficient in its energy use. It does not grow large leaves, only to shed them in the fall and hibernate through the winter. In the long run, it dominates its landscape.

From a parent’s and educator’s perspective, it offers an ideal strategy for healthy long term development. Slowing the transfer of information to children so they have more time to digest, apply, and draw meaning from the knowledge they learned is increasingly proving to be a more effective way to retain knowledge. Growing strong roots of confidence and unity in the classroom will lead to greater academic success. Offering children control over their learning will allow them to learn at a comfortable pace and help develop their executive function skills.

In the long term, the evergreen approach will result in strong-minded and enduring life long learners. They will demonstrate goal-directed behaviour, strong organizational skills, respect for their time, and well developed analytical and critical thinking skills. They will see the bigger picture, because they helped shape it.