Project Approach

The Project Approach is a way to develop in-depth thinking while engaging the hearts and minds of young children. Teachers take a strong guidance role in facilitating the process while children study topics with purpose and flexibility. The project approach encourages children to follow through with there learning and become self motivated. Just like a book, there is always a beginning, middle & end. Along with the motivation it provides, project work also integrates all areas of learning and aspects of child development. It offers many opportunities to practice problem solving and critical thinking-skills that build language, math and scientific understanding.

For some educators it would be easier to bring out the same art materials each year and keep the program plans in rotation. The Imaginarium strongly discourages this concept because each year grow with some new faces, new personalities and new interests. Quality education is what sets our childcare apart from many others. The individualized projects and specialized plans to meet specific needs is why our children love this place. The freedom for children to do what they want, yet the structure to know how to facilitate their interests is what will set them up for success in the years to come. When they graduate, you will see the character and confidence that leaves with them.