Rules & Policies

Playground Rules:

We are not a high traffic centre open to the public.  We are a private, members only, centre that is opening its doors to the greater community.  If you value privacy and are interested in a tailored experience, we ask that you treat our space with the utmost care and respect.

No food, drink, gum or candy allowed in the play area!
All food must be consumed in eating area.
Failure to follow this rule may result in an additional charge of no less than $100.

Socks are a must in the play area for both parents and children.  For safety and hygiene reasons, we do not allow anyone to be barefoot.

No climbing on the outside of play structures.

Improper use of equipment will result in removal from the playground.

Parents/caregivers are solely responsible for their children. Children must be supervised at all times. We will not be held accountable for any injuries resulting from unsafe play or inappropriate use of our equipment.

We are not responsible for any damage or theft of personal property during your stay.

You are responsible for ANY DAMAGE  to the facility or equipment during your party.  This includes any damage caused by your guests.  Any damage will result in additional charges.

We reserve the right to maintain a peanut free environment and therefore have the right to inspect any and all food that enters the facility.

No piñatas allowed.
No glitter allowed.
No confetti allowed.
No alcohol allowed.
No animals allowed.
No sparklers. (Candles)
No chafing dishes allowed.

For additional questions, be sure to call 905.417.3962 or email Dreams Discovery Centre at