Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021 Schedule

For 10 years, Dreams Discovery Centre has been offering exciting camp programming to our community. Each year, we expand our ability to offer our campers a broad range of activities to choose from and a truly unique and adventurous camp experience.

This summer, we will be offering:

Themed weeks,
lots of fitness and sports,
lots of STEAM activities,
lots of games and puzzles,
lots of exciting workshops,
lots of fun and adventure,
plenty of great food,
and an exceptional team of caring teachers and staff.

Each themed week will have campers exploring a range of creative activities. While weaving the theme into our daily routine, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) project will highlight the week and provide students with an exciting learning experience. STEAM activities will be adjusted for each age group and build up to an end of week challenge. In addition to the theme of the week, our team will underline key values that have defined our centre, such as growth mindset, fitness, and responsibility.

We will continue to divide our campers into 3 separate groups. We will be following safety protocols as recommended by the ministry of health and in accordance with our own policies. As a result of various restrictions to public places and facilities, we have not scheduled any trip destinations.

Summer Camp Monthly Schedule
Week 1: July 5th to 9th - Thriving on Earth
This week’s theme will focus on the basic requirements for surviving and thriving on our planet. Campers will be building shelters and contributing to a village.
Week 2: July 12th to 16th - Golden Age of Pirates
This week’s theme will focus on the “Golden Age of Piracy”. Campers will explore the lives of pirates and how they shaped history. Campers will be building boats this week and designing a water table.
Week 3: July 19th to 23rd - Castles & Kingdoms
This weeks theme will focus on life in Europe during the Middle Ages. Campers will be building castles and catapults and preparing for their challenge on Friday.
Week 4: July 26th to 30th - Masters of Food
This week’s theme will be food. Campers will be learning a bit about the history of different foods, how to grow and make food, and what makes food delicious. Campers will work to design and create their own menu.
Week 5: Aug 2nd to 6th - Evergreen Olympics
This week’s theme will focus on the Olympics. Campers will be deciding which events to include, the requirements for each event, and how they will be setting up their events.
Week 6: Aug 9th to 13th - Space Quest
This week’s theme will focus on Space Exploration. Campers will explore the challenges of space travel and examine the successes, failures, and future endeavours of different space programs. Campers will be building model colonies on chosen planets.
Week 7: Aug 16th to 20th - Markets, Caravans, & Traders
This weeks theme will focus on the history of trade & money. Campers will be working together to create their own Evergreen Market. By Friday, each group will be set up to trade or sell their product or service to other campers. Each camper will be given an equal amount of Evergreen Coin to use at the market.
Week 8: Aug 23rd to 27th - Evergreen Carnival
This week’s theme will be all about carnival games and celebration. Campers will be learning a bit about the history of carnivals and the technology that goes into them. Campers will work to design and create their own carnival for our BBQ party.
Sample Daily Schedule
This sample schedule offers a glimpse into the first day of camp.  Themed activities will take up different amounts of the daily schedule depending on the day of the week.  Our goal is to provide our campers with a balance of STEAM activities and plenty of other activities.  We specialize in motivating and exciting our campers to get involved, so if a camper is showing reservations about an activity, we will not force him/her to participate.  We will offer the camper options and try to win him/her over through encouragement.  Our centre has been called a “factory of imagination and creativity” and that  applies to our space and our approach.


For anyone new to our program, we invite you to try us out and see for yourself why so many kids love it here. Check out our Facebook Page to view galleries from past summer camps.

We encourage parents to register as soon as possible to secure the last remaining spots left. Our prices will remain the same as last year until June 7, 2021:

We will be prorating 4 day weeks.

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