Summer Camp 2024

Summer Camp 2024 Schedule

For over 10 years, Dreams Discovery Centre has been offering exciting camp programming to our community. Each year, we expand our ability to offer our campers a broad range of activities to choose from and a truly unique and adventurous camp experience.

This summer, we will be offering:

Themed weeks,
lots of fitness and sports,
lots of STEAM activities,
lots of games and puzzles,
lots of exciting workshops,
lots of fun and adventure,
plenty of great food,
and exceptional team of caring teachers and staff.

Each themed week will have campers exploring a range of creative activities. While weaving the theme into our daily routine, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) project will highlight the week and provide students with an exciting learning experience. STEAM activities will be adjusted for each age group and build up to an end of week challenge or event. In addition to the theme of the week, our team will underline key values that have defined our centre, such as growth mindset, fitness, and responsibility.

We divide our camp into 3 groups (4-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 10-13 year olds). 

Summer Camp Monthly Schedule
Week 1: July 1st to 5th - Hero Quest
This week, campers will embrace their inner hero as they participate in a variety of exciting challenges and activities. Each day, they will have the chance to try their hand at activities such as rock climbing, tag games, and obstacle courses.  For the weekly STEAM project, students will be bringing hero stories to life.  For the older age groups, this will include creating stop motion videos of their stories.
Week 2: July 8th to 12th - Mario Arcade
This week is all about challenges and racing to the finish line, as campers participate in a variety of tournaments. The week will culminate in a mechanical arcade that will include a live Mario Kart Race. For the weekly STEAM project, campers will have the chance to build their own cars and create their own obstacle for the end of week race.
Week 3: July 15th to 19th - Sherlock Knows
This week, campers will take on the roles of detectives as they  try their hand at activities such as orienteering, scavenger hunts, and creating their own puzzles, challenges, and treasure maps. The week will end with an escape room themed challenge, as our young detectives exercise their problem solving skills to solve clues and puzzles.
Week 4: July 22nd to 26th - Chutes & Wings
As we explore the fascinating world of flight, campers will learn about modern innovations inspired by nature’s amazing adaptations.  This week’s activities will include airplanes, helicopters,  rockets, and parachutes.
Week 5: July 29st to Aug 2nd - Living Wild
Campers will embark on a week-long journey as they experience the thrill of adventure. There will be team-building camping activities to help campers prepare for a camping expedition as they develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. They will also have the chance to learn outdoor survival skills, such as building a shelter, starting a fire, and purifying water.
Week 6: Aug 5th to 9th - Le Petit Cirque
Campers will spend the week immersed in the world of circus as they learn different circus skills and participate in a clowning workshop.  On Friday, campers will have a chance to showcase their skills in their very own talent show.
Week 7: Aug 12th to 17th - Rock & Roll
This week, campers will delve into the world of music as they learn about different genres and explore some of the classics. STEAM classes will center around rocks and wheels, as students create mechanical machines.  The week will end with a glow in the dark dance party.
Week 8: Aug 19th to 23rd - Leo's Workshop
During this eighth week, campers will embrace their inner inventors as they learn about the amazing life of Leonardo Da Vinci and explore his different inventions and accomplishments.  Campers will have the opportunity to explore a broad range of tools and materials as they explore the engineering process.
Week 9: Aug 26nd to 30th - Carnival Fiesta
During this finale week, campers will transform our centre into a Carnival! The week will be spent preparing for the big event, which will be a day full of games and celebration.
Sample Weekly Schedule


For anyone new to our program, we invite you to try us out and see for yourself why so many kids love it here.  Check out our Facebook Page to view galleries from past summer camps.

We encourage parents to register as soon as possible to secure their spot.

Note about Field Trips: Our plan is to provide field trips throughout the summer, usually one per week.  Additional charges may apply.

Pricing: We have moved back to an all inclusive price which includes a full day program and all food.

Discounts: 10% off, if registering for at least 4 weeks and by February 28th.  5% off, if registering for at least 4 weeks and by April 28th.

If spaces remain, the following weekly prices are subject to change for anyone registering after April 28th.

We always prorate to adjust for shorter weeks.

We currently have a promotion running offering $100 off per week. 

Contact us for details.


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