Dreams changed my son forever! I no longer have to ask where he wants to spend his PA Days, March/Christmas breaks and summers……the answer is always DREAMS. As a mom, there is nothing I love more than my child being so enthusiastic to go to camp in the morning of a PA Day. What attracted me to Dreams is the vast selection of activities, sports and crafts that kids get to participate in. It is so different from every other facility in Vaughan. They don’t just pass time, they learn, create, develop skills and I see the difference in my son after each camp day.

Other things I love: food, young and active staff, challenging activities, fieldtrips, pictures from camp on Facebook and much much more.

My younger daughter cant wait to join her brother next year! THANK YOU!

Great service, awesome atmosphere and feel to the place. Can’t really put it into words, go check it out for yourself!

Misha - Former Counselor

My son, Julian had his 6th birthday there last Saturday and it was amazing. The pizza, coffee and cake were excellent! Thank you so much!!!

Simona - Parent

I would like to thank everyone who helped us make an amazing birthday party for Adam. Thank you very much for the beautiful play room, great service and tasty food. We had an unforgettable experience. Thank you all.

Nadia - Parent

The Imaginarium at Dreams Playland stirs passion and creativity while sparking engagement. An enthusiastic staff motivates children to learn, create, build, and work together. They inspire growth and development, bringing out everyone’s potential. A great place for all kids!

Sogand - Former Instructor

so much fun so much games i think it is my favourite camp ever

Eveline - Camper

By Far – the most unique, nurturing, healthy, and fun place for kids to grow and develop important skills. If your kids have not experienced The Imaginarium yet.. it’s seriously their loss.

Yan - Comedian/Magician/Entertainer

The Imaginarium at Dreams Playland is a great place to go for any occasion; from birthday parties to Daycare. When you step into the place, their creative and fun designs will light up your day and the amazing staff is willing to go any distance to satisfy your needs and answer any of your questions. I personally started out by volunteering, and discovered that this place was definitely something I wanted to be a part of. Whether it’s doing face painting for parties, having fun at camp or helping kids learn at the amazing after school program, I always found my self in an environment with great positive energy!

Jane - Former Counselor, Current Face Painting Specialist

This place is amazing for birthdays, camps and after school. All of the staff is very polite and helpful, they cook and clean and take care of the children very well. The food is all healthy and very delicious. Most of all, the big boss cares so much about the children and the staff. He works so hard on adding new things so the kids can really have fun. He also does not put the money on publicity, he puts it on constructing and creating a safe environment for children to learn and have fun. Not only is it a fun place but it is also a place to learn. Ever since my cousin came here, her grades have gone up a lot and she is always smiling when I see her here. Thank you Dreams!

Maxine - student & camper