Visitor’s Guide

Welcome to Dreams Discovery Centre where your child’s growth is our focus all year round. As a first time visitor or returning customer we would like to help you and your family make the most of your visit to Dreams.

Peanuts and other tree nuts:

Techinically, we are a nut reduced facility. We consider ourselves a nut free facility in the sense that we do not allow nuts or products that may contain nuts in our facility. Any food made in our kitchen is nut free. We expect our customers to follow our strict nut free policy. We reserve the right to confiscate anything that may contain nuts, which may pose a danger to a person with a severe nut allergy. However, because of the amount of traffic through our facility and our reliance on our customers care in bringing in food, we cannot guarantee a 100% nut free environment.

Our Menu:

All food from our menu is either prepared in house, or brought in by our caterer.  We work with a local Italian catering company, who has been servicing Dreams since it first opened.  Our pizzas are prepared by our caterer with sauce and dough made from scratch, and then topped and cooked in our pizza ovens.  Our platters are substantial, our pizza toppings are as fresh as possible (e.g. never canned mushrooms or pineapple), and our kitchen is equipped to handle large orders.  We do our best to exceed our guests’ expectations when it comes to food.

Footwear & Grip Socks:

We do not permit anyone to be barefoot in our centre. Socks or indoor shoes are required in all playrooms and play areas. Shoes are not permitted in the bouncy castles. We consider Grip Socks, with silicone grip on their soles to be the ideal choice for play. Aside from the enhanced movement through our play structures and bouncers, grip socks improve safety with their non slip soles.

For safety reasons, we will soon be phasing out the use of regular socks in favour of grip socks. For now, they are highly recommended. Where you get your grip socks is entirely up to you. As we do not sell our own grip socks at the moment, the closest suggestion we can offer is Skyzone. They offers great quality grips socks which have become a favourite of our camp and after school kids.

As for adults who are not interested in using the play area, we encourage them to bring comfortable indoor shoes or slippers.

Outdoor shoes or boots are not permitted in the rooms, past the carpet runners. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the rooms clean and dry. We urge all our guests to do their part.


Dreams has been operating in one form or another since 2002. The current owners have been running the business since Nov 2010. Sanitation is one of our most important areas of focus. We understand the challenges of high traffic areas in which kids are playing and eating. We have a strict cleaning schedule which we use for various times of the day and each day of the week. We also have a schedule we use to ensure that areas not easily accessed, like the upper portions of our play structures, are cleaned regularly.

In order to keep our amenities sanitary at all times we ask for your support in ensuring hand washing and that no food or drinks are allowed anywhere other than the eating area.


If you are here for a birthday party or dropping off your child for camp, we ask that you are mindful of time.

For parties, hosts are charged a penalty for staying in the room past their allotted time. It is critical that we are able to vacate rooms on time, whether it is to get a room ready for another party or to perform our end of night cleaning routine. We ask that everyone do their part to ensure that the host of the party is not charged an additional fee.

For other programs, we charge a $1 per minute penalty for parents arriving late to pick up their child(ren). Our basic after school program runs until 7pm and our camp programs run until 6:30, later than most other similar programs. Forcing staff to stay even longer to accommodate a late pick up is simply unfair. Any penalties charged will go directly to the staff.

Room Features:

Each room offers complete privacy and a range of amenities to help make your experience as convenient, comfortable, and fun as possible.

Play Area
Each room has its own play area, which contains a bouncy castle, large play structure, some smaller play structure(s), exersaucers, smaller push toys, plasma cars, and some additional equipment. We are often asked if adults can go into the play structures or into the bouncy castles, particularly to assist their child or ensure safety. The play structures can support the weight of any adult, but the areas can get a little tight. We welcome adults to use the play structures. The bouncy castles can also support the weight of adults, but we ask that adults only gently bounce in the castles, especially when other kids are present. Bouncy castles in rooms 1 and 2 should have no more than 7 children in them at a time. The bouncy castle in room 3 should have no more than 5 children in it at a time.

Push toys and exersaucers are for toddlers and younger children. Older kids run the risk of breaking these toys. We ask that our guests use their discretion in defining the age appropriateness of the toys.

Rides & Machines
In an effort to enhance the rooms and offer more for the kids and adults to do, we have several coin operated machines ($1 per ride or game). All rides must be supervised by a parent when in use. All game tables (air hockey & table soccer) are for adults and kids to use. We are working on adding new things to the rooms, which are free to use. In room 1, we’ve added a carrom hockey table. The table is free to use, but the puck must be borrowed from the front desk with a deposit of $5.

There is also a pool table in the lobby, which can be used for $1.50 per game. The table is sometimes rented out to a specific room at an hourly rate of $15/hr. In this case, it will be reserved for that room only.

Lastly, there is a wooden game in the lobby by the kitchen which we call “The Tilted Gauntlet”. A deposit of $20 is required to borrow a ball from the front desk, but it is essentially free to use. The table is handmade, and the game surfaces have been developed together with some of our campers and after school students. The game surface currently installed is made of bamboo. We ask that anyone using this game be careful not to break any of the pieces. Because the bamboo is unfinished, touching the pieces could result in a splinter.

Audio Visual System
Each room is equipped with a 42” TV and an audio system, but the overall setup is different room to room. We do not have cable, but we do have a digital antenna to pick up some channels. The quality of the signal is not guaranteed. We do not offer wifi.

Room 1 has a basic PC computer connected to the TV and a separate audio system to play music from any device with an audio jack output. An HDMI cable is available to connect to the TV in place of the computer in the event that you would like to bring in a laptop.

High Chairs
There are at least 2 high chairs available per room for your convenience. Any additional requirements are subject to availability.

All rooms have their own private bathrooms. All bathrooms have a change table in them. Please note that use of our change tables is at the sole discretion of parents.

Water Filtration
Each room has its own water filtration system for all guests to enjoy with both hot and cold water options. The water systems are serviced by City Water, and the filters are replaced twice a year. Extra pitchers are available for use.

Coffee & Tea
Every party is offered complimentary tea and coffee. The tea is Twinings of London’s Earl Grey individually wrapped. The coffee is ZAVIDA brand 100% Colombian Arabica. Milk, cream, sugar, and sweetener are provided.

Additional Info:

If you need to learn more about our facility or our services, please continue browsing our website, visit the galleries on our facebook page, give us a call, or stop by and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you have.