We believe that the greatest evolution and the most powerful adaptations in how children learn will happen at a micro level. They will happen at the classroom and school level. They will happen through positive and trust based interactions between teachers and their students. They will happen among small groups of teachers, students, and parents over meaningful discussions.

In order to offer the greatest opportunity for evolution, Evergreen Leadership Academy has structured its program and daily routine to allow for extensive self-directed learning and decision making, while maintaining a base curriculum that covers all the key elements of the standard Ontario Curriculum.

In a world of private schools ruled by a fundamental goal of offering a more challenging curriculum and “being one year ahead” across the board for key subjects, we would like our students to view satisfying the Ontario Curriculum and EQAO requirements as a stepping stone to exploring their own interests. We choose trust based responsibility over test based accountability. We want our students to set their own goals and standards, rather than meet ones we set for them. At Evergreen, a student’s time is a valuable commodity. The more time they have control over, the more time they will spend practicing self governance.

We view our students as our partners and we expect them to work with great focus to study and learn the key elements of the Ontario Curriculum, which will play an important role in their successful transition into High School. But, we want them to complete this base requirement in the least amount of time, and we go to extraordinary lengths to support and motivate them to achieve this goal. At Evergreen, we place a high value on our time, and we expect our students to do the same.