Annual Science Fair Contest

Science Fair Project Guidelines:

A science fair project gives kids a chance to practice so many important skills and at the same time forces them to make decisions on their own.  As a student, you are not being told which topic to choose or how to do your project.  At the Imaginarium, students are given guidance, but their science fair projects are their own.  They can do their projects on their own or in a group.  They can choose what kind of project to do.

Types of Projects

There are different ways to group projects, but at the Imaginarium the following three types are described to our studnets:

Research Project

In this project, you collect information about a topic and present your findings.


An experiment usually involves re-testing an experiment that already has been done by someone else. You can get ideas for this type of project from books and on the internet.


For more imaginative students, this type of projects allows students to create something new or add something new to something that already exists.

Contest Info

Kids can arrive at the Imaginarium at 4:30 to set up.  Once you’ve registed, you will be sent further information to help you prepare and hopefully qualify.  Judging will take place throughout the contest and awards will be presented at 6:00.  With over $1000 in prizes in store for the winners, every bit of effort you put into your project can make all the difference.