Frequently Asked Questions

Marks/Grades/Tracking Performance

What if my child is not performing at his/her level?

Our primary focus is the confidence and well-being of our students, and so children will be learning at their own pace. As our compulsory curriculum is divided into levels, which can be completed at any time of the year, the build up to a final report card marking the degree of success in a subject is removed. If students are struggling to meet base expectations in particular subjects, we will offer them support and guidance.  We will also celebrate their successes in subjects they feel more comfortable with.  In short, the levels students attain in different subjects are personalized, in part, by them, and so they are always performing at the level they are in.

Where are you sourcing your curriculum? Can you provide me with an outline for my child’s grade?

We base our curriculum on the main learning elements  The compulsory curriculum at Evergreen reduces the mandatory class time to 180 minutes per day. This reduction in compulsory class time was accomplished by breaking down the Ontario Curriculum into its smallest learning elements and rebuilding it. By prioritizing the elements that were most critical to success in High School, we were able to trim, combine, and add learning elements. This process significantly reduces the time required to teach these elements, in order to offer students the maximum amount of self directed learning each day.

What if my child is more advance for his or her grade level? What can you offer them so their learning isn’t stagnant?

  • Learning will be by subject therefore if your child is advanced in particular subjects they will continue to keep advancing.

How will you asses my child’s performance?

  • We will be using a Mastery of skills passport per child, which will showcase an exhaustive list of every single skill the child should know by the time they are in grade 8 based on the Ontario standard for learning. Passport will show where skills fall on the ministry spectrum. Which level are they earning, which areas do they need to focus on, which skills have the mastered. Parent will be able to see mastery daily.

Do your credentials meet the standards for my child to get into any high school they like after completing grades 1 through 8 with you?

  • %100 they will be able to choose whichever high school they would like at the end of our curriculum.

What is your homework policy? Is there homework help offered?

  • Kids will have the option to do school works at home and we will support them with daily challenges, its their individual learning journey.

What is your curriculum focus?

  • Our curriculum should allow students to make greater decisions as to how and what they want to learn while keeping up with standardized curriculum offered by Ontario schools. We will focus on initiative and mastery of skills.

Will there be frequent tests? Exams?

No, their will be testing to measure confirmation of mastery such as activities or even tasks not necessarily a test everyone in that grade is taking at once.

Will you be setting high expectations for my child?

  • They will ne setting their own expectations we will have basic expectations in line with Ontario curriculum but we would want them to set their own goals to encourage autonomy.

What’s your expectation of students?

  • To walk away happy and be able to help their parents about their day in a meaningful way. Have them be excited about their day, wanting to do more and to learn because they are passionate about it not because its mandated. Focus on their passion and feelings. My expectation is that your child will love coming to school.


Set-up/Division/Look of Facility and Amenities

Will all grades be separated?

  • No, grouped based on their age and level of maturity.

Will Kindergarten children be allowed to nap?

  • Yes, we will offer meditation and quiet time. Kindergarten (12:30 to 2:30) more structured, other grades open. Meditation nooks. Passes to step out and regroup.

What is the student to teacher ration?

  • Dependant on age, subject we will have to work that out. Smaller class sizes are key, 15 to 16 kids.

Do you plan to stay in this facility?

No. Our ultimate goal is to move to a larger and more equipped building to meet our growing needs.

School Ideology

What type of students are you looking for?

  • There is an enrollment process, and your child will have to qualify. An initial assessment will be done to determine if we are the right fit for your child. While we are inclusive and willing to give everyone a chance but if your child ends up not being the right fit for our school we will give you a refund

How will you prepare my child for future major decisions such as which high school to attend?

  • Letting them practice decision making at an early age such as putting time in their hands.


When is each month due?

  • 1st of the month post-dated cheques due upon registration.

What if I drop-out is there a penalty?

  • No

Will there be class trips? How many? Where? Are these additional costs?

  • Yes, some will be paid for some will not.

What if I am late picking up my child?

  • Penalty will be dependant on reason and is constant.

Do we get discounts off any other programs i.e. camps? How much?

  • Yes, after school free, p.a days included, an additional 10% off camp

Do you have a transportation system in place?

  • Not yet, will work towards it. Will make an effort to arrange with third party

What textbooks will you be using? Do I have to pay for these?

  • Will be using a variety of textbooks, majority of materials will be provided but might need you to purchase some with minimal fee.

Do you have any bursaries or scholarships?

  • Yes


If my child does not like what is on the menu for the day? Will there be other options? What is usually given as an alternative?

  • We will have limited alternatives included in menu

Will we be receiving a monthly, weekly calendar and food menu?

  • Yes

Where will my child be eating? How much time do they have to eat? What if they aren’t done?

  • 45 minutes to eat, in designated area, we will let them finish.


Are your electives age specific?

  • Some will be, more to interest and skill level

Will my child have one teacher only?

  • No

Will I be responsible for selecting my child’s electives? Are you? Or are they?

  • It will be a collaboration.

How important is outdoor time? And how much will kids get daily?

  • Kindergarten at least 2 hours a day. Dependant on weather. More of an elective for older kids. Will teach outside when possible.

What languages do you offer as subjects?

  • English and French

Will French be incorporated throughout the curriculum or as a separate subject? Will it be mandatory?

  • French will be mandatory for all levels, and incorporated regularly.


What forms of reinforcement do you use to motivate the kids?

  • Credit system, investing in point system

Are you equipped to handle special needs?

  • Case by case

Do you accept students not fluent in English?

  • Yes will accept.