Maker Fair 2018


Our Maker Fair will be similar in format to a Science Fair Contest.  Participants will be required to submit their projects before 12:30PM for display at Dreams.  On July  13th, at 5:30PM, we will be announcing winners.  We hope that all participants can make it in for that time, but if they cannot, they can still take part in the contest.  All participants must make an appearance sometime between 10:30AM to 4:30PM  to present their projects and answer judges’ questions.

Projects are to be completed independently, in advance of the the Fair.

We will be offering free workshops to help inspire and guide participants.  Stay tuned for dates to be announced.

We will be judging projects using a point system based on the following key criteria:

  • Overall creativity – Max 20 points
  • Project complexity (difficulty) – Max 20 points
  • Uniqueness – Max 10 points
  • Practicality (does the build solve a problem or offer some kind of benefit?) – Max 40 points
  • Percentage of reused and recycled material used – Max 10 points


  • All participants will be rewarded with a small gift for their effort and as a a token of our appreciation
  • Our top prize is a full 1 year scholarship to Evergreen Leadership Academy, conditional on the participant earning a minimum of 95 points.  This prize can be forfeited and exchanged for any other prize offered at the competition.
  • Other prizes include free weeks of camp, season’s passes to Canada’s Wonderland, tickets to a TFC game, passes to Sky Zone, and more.  All upper tier prizes (value in excess of $25) are conditional on minimum points accumulated.

If you are in grade 1 to 8, enjoy building things, and would like to participate in a fun competition, fill out the form below to register for our 2018 Maker Fair.

Maker Fair 2018 Registration Form