Name Colour Selection

For over 13 years we have been writing the names of birthday boys and girls on a board in each of our rooms. At first, there were chalk boards in the rooms. Then we upgrade to porcelain whiteboards and used markers and whiteboard crayons to write names on the boards. There were several drawbacks to relying on staff to write names on the boards, including the results not looking so good. So, we took the time to customize letters and offer customers the opportunity to select a colour scheme.

We are considering adding some colours (red, light pink). For now we have 6 colours to choose from and a good variety of letters for each colour. We are even working on an option of kids decorating their own letters at home and bringing them in for their parties.

The sample below gives you an idea of what our letters look like.

Whiteboard Letters_2

At the moment we only have the dark blue colour for the “Happy Birthday” part, as it matches our logo background. You can choose from 6 colours for your child’s name.


Colour Options


Use the form below to input your colour selection. Letter colours are based on availability, but we will expand our letter library as we see a need for it. You can ask for a single colour, alternating colours, or a specific colour for each letter:

E- Orange
B- Green
A- Yellow
S- Blue
T- Orange
I- Green
A- Yellow
N – Blue

Choose Your Letters

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Provide a list of letters for your child's name along with colours you would like for each letter.