Our Rooms

Choosing Your Room

Each of our three Dream Rooms offers:

  • Complete privacy
  • An eating area
  • A play area
  • Plenty of counter space
  • An audio-video system
  • A commercial water filtration system
  • A coffee machine
  • Bathrooms with change tables
  • Variety of fun stuff for the kids
  • …and more!

We strongly recommend that you come in to take a look at the rooms so you know exactly what you are getting before you book.  We appreciate it when our customers spend the time to do their research, ask questions, and make the best decision possible for their child’s special day. 

If you plan on coming in to view the rooms during the week,  please call/email ahead and please browse our 360 degree tour before visiting. 

We’re a busy place 7 days a week so it is worthwhile to do your homework before you visit.  During the week you will get a good sense of the space but the rooms are not set up for birthday.  On weekends, you may not be able to go right inside the room, if it is being used. 

All rooms include private use, unlimited coffee & tea, filtered water, invitations, and clean up!