Word of Mouth

Parents, Students, Counselors, and Friends,

We have spent the past 3 plus years developing our facility and our programs.  Most of you know, at least to some extent, the work that has gone into our place.  Every extra dollar has been reinvested back into the business.  This place is our second home and has become a second home to many families.

In recognition of our commitment to service and consistent improvement, our kids and parents are enthusiastic to help out whenever they can.  Our focus on marketing has been nearly non-existent.  We put up some posters in our facility and try to use free online marketineg tools the best we can, but our energy has been directed at facility and program enhancement.

As far as our business model is concerned, our customers are our marketing partners.  We invest so much into excellent service, with the hope that it will translate to excellent word of mouth.  Our goal in the next few months is to spread our name throughout the community, and we can use your help.

By simply providing a testimonial, writing a review, or putting up one of our lawn signs, you can help let others know that you appreciate our efforts.  In return, we will enter you in a draw to win a gift.  The draw will take place beginning of June.

Gifts include: A complimentary birthday party, a complimentary day of camp, a complimentary pizza, a complimentary loot bag, and more.

Here’s what our lawn signs look like:

small lawn signs variety

Each sign is 18″ by 22″.  They are fairly small and attach to a metal frame that is inserted into the ground.  We have 3 signs to choose from.

Here’s how you can help:


Write a Testimonial (Earn 2 Entry Tickets) or
Put up a Lawn Sign (Earn 5 Entry Tickets)

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Write a Review (Earn 1 Entry Ticket per Review)